My introduction to cooking began as a child. My mother was they type who prepared most foods from scratch. Likey because she could save money doing so. The results were often pretty good as I recall. She allowed (and sometimes required) my brothers and I to help. I vividly recall making stir fry in the same red wok that can be found in my family’s  kitchen today. I also learned the basics of grilling on our family’s Weber kettle. To my mother, gas grills were blasphemy. We camped ofen and as such I became accustomed to eating food prepared over real wood fires.

Early adulthood saw me run off and joint the United States Army. During that time, the mess sergeant did the majority of the cooking. When I finally moved off the base with some friends of mine, I found myself back to preparing meals. The grill was our tool of choice.

Since my time in service, I have cooked on several different grills. Large and small, gas and charcoal. Earlier this year I made the best cooking purchase of my life, a BigGreenEgg. This one device has changed the way I prepare meals for my family more than any other. There is a learning curve to this wonderfly simple appearing cooking device, and this page will be about my journey. Along they way you’ll read posts of my other cooking adventures and equipment. Who knows, you may even get a non-food related post from time to time. Thanks for taking the time to read this, enjoy the site. Please provide me with feedback and comments!