Teppanyaki Fried Rice

Our son’s 5th birthday is coming up. He opted for a ninja theme. True to form, my better half decides the menu should fall in line with the theme and so Asian food it is! No complaints here, mind you. So in preparation for the party, I did a test run on the fried rice we plan to serve. Below are the details.

When I get ready to cook something new, I alway start looking for recipies in real cookbooks. Part of the reason for this is because I think it keeps me connected to the cooks of the past who didn’t have the internet as a resource. Another reason is the internet is really, really big. A search for any recipie yields so many results to review that my son will be 15 before I can read them all. Well, unfortunately the 3 cookbooks I looked in at home didn’t have a fried rice recipie. So I called upon the Pinterest universe. What I found was a post titled The Best Fried Rice. That sounded like a winner. Chef Kelly has a great site called the ChefSavvy.com that you should check out. The only real adaptation I had to make was that I wanted to cook this outside, like most things I cook! The tool of choice was my Blackstone Griddle so I could prepare it teppanyaki style. Teppanyaki is a great way to cook outside. Especially if there are guests around. You can prentend you work at Benihana and flip shrimp at your friends! Plus, you will no doubt drop some of this on the ground, clean up is just sweeping it into the grass.

We made some long grain rice in the rice cooker while I headed to the store for the ingredient I didn’t have on hand, oyster sauce. The rest of the prep for this was pretty straight forward, but is a critical step because the recipie comes together so quickly, there is not time for chopping once you start cooking.

Bring your griddle up to medium high. Melt the first tablespoon of butter and scramble your eggs and return them to a bowl.

A second tablespoon of butter is added and the carrots and onions are sauteed until slightly softened then add the garlic.

Next time I think I will add just a little vegetable oil to the butter. This will allow me to cook at a higher temperature without browning the butter. Once you smell the garlic, add the rice to the flat top. Keep it moving and break up all the chunks. I fried the rice for about 4 minutes and then added the peas and the eggs back in.

Finally add in the liquids. The soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce. Toss it all together. Look at that classic fried rice glaze!

Once it’s evenly coated and hot, serve immediatly to your guests and await the praises!!

This was a really fun cook, and one that’s been on my to-do list since I got brought the Blackstone home. We served ours with some simple honey ginger chicken skewers. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. Now to scale it up for the ninja party!



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