Sometimes a good meal keeps giving

Weeknight night meals. I’ve written before how they don’t have to suck. The key is to make a good choice when picking the menu. Well, recently my wife and I were both off on a Tuesday. We were putting a new roof on our house. I won’t go on and on about that. but if we can do it, you can also. The financial savings are great, the costs to the body is still being paid, but I digress. This particular day, I fired up the Egg and cooked a 2.5 pound piece of beef tenderloin. I finished this off cowboy style. I use Royal Oak Natural Lump charcoal and it woks awesome for this. Ash free!

Very little of this beef remained when the table was being cleared.

The next day while at home for lunch, I did decided to tackle some leftovers. Found a two day old peice of a baguette, which I halved and toasted like a bagel. Smeared it with onion and chive creamcheese. Topped it with thinly sliced leftover tenderloin and a slice of garden fresh tomato. This was an over the top lunch. I felt quite fancy eating this. I could see this as a great starter course. You could buy one fillet and grill it, slice it thin and make a whole mess of these for your guests.

Another regular cook I like that always yields leftovers is pork shoulder. We smoked a couple of these over the weekend to feed the guys that helped us labor up on the roof. While they put a good dent in the pile, there was plenty left. One morning I woke up early, looking for ibuprofen, and decided to throw together some breakfast. I was thinking a couple eggs and toast. When I opened the chill chest, the pulled pork was staring me down, almost daring me to eat it for breakfast. I obliged.

Two large eggs, a handfull of pulled pork, pickled jalepenos found thier way into a skillet. Once ready, I hit with some shredded cheese, slapped it into a couple flour tortillas and topped it all off with some salsa verde. What an increadible start to the day.

Most nights when I cook there is a little something left for another day. I feel guilty when I don’t get to it soon enough. After these two leftover homeruns, I will be sure to open the fridge, step back, and find out more ways to get keep those leftovers out of the land fill and onto my instagram feed. Thanks for the read. Let me know some of your own tasty leftover wins.


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