Corned Beef Hash 

There’s a lot of good cookbooks in my house, but there’s one I always reach to first. It’s my red checkered Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. Mine is the 12th edition and was given to me as a gift a number of years ago. Whenever I’m thinking of cooking something I haven’t made before, I generally consult that book first. Believe it or not, sometimes, even before I go to the Internet. This morning was no different.

A couple of weeks ago I made a corn beef from scratch.The last few bits remained in the refrigerator when I woke up this morning. I’m happy to report they found their way into my belly.

One of my go to orders at any family diner for breakfast is corned beef hash and eggs, over medium, with a side of rye toast. So this morning I decided I would try it on my own.
I went to my cookbook and found a great recipe there. Very few ingredients very quick to assemble. So I got right to work.

I fired up my Blackstone griddle and brought it up to medium high heat. While it was warming, I prepared the corned beef by dicing it into small pieces. Additionally I chopped one small onion. I didn’t have any fresh potatoes on hand. Time to improvise.  I peeked into the freezer and found my answer: tater tots. These thawed quickly in the microwave. Following the recipe (aside from my potato swap) I headed out to my deck added a little oil to the griddle and threw on the potatoes, onion and the corned beef. With my trusty spatulas I chopped this pile of goodies into a finer pieces, mixed it throughly and brought it up to temperature. At this point I added a couple shakes of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce. Once I was satisfied with the chop I smashed it flat Into a patty.  My goal was to achieve that traditional crispy brown crust common when ordered at the diner. Recipie modification alert here: it called for a couple tablespoons of milk to be mixed in at this point but I forgot. Didn’t seem to miss it, I suppose.

This was best left alone if I was going to get that crispy crust I so desired. I turned my attention to a couple of eggs. Tossed them on the  hot griddle, they were over medium in no time. By then, the crust had developed and I was ready to plate. More importantly, I was ready to eat!

In summation, this is a quick, hearty breakfast that can be done on any griddle, or skillet. With St. Patrick’s day coming up, and if you are lucky enough to have any corned beef leftover, I hope you’ll consider giving this a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



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