Jungle Spuds

This makes mornings worth waking up for! When I was growing up, we didn’t always have a lot of stuff. Typical low-socioeconomic status lifestyle. That said, one thing we didn’t really suffer from was hunger. Somehow our mom always knew how to maximize resources to feed her three hungry boys. The same was true whenever … More Jungle Spuds

Weekday dinners don’t have to suck!

  Life is busy. No doubt about that. I presume that when women, who traditionally stayed at home, headed out into the workforce, the American entraprenurial machine saw an great opportunity: create foods that come in a box, or a can, and can be cooked fast.  I know, I’ve eaten probably 100x my weight in that prepackaged food. It’s not … More Weekday dinners don’t have to suck!